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Get your hands seriously dirty with science and math

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About Us

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Merry Go Learn is an initiative by alumni from IIT and IIM aimed at building strong concepts and application ability in students in classes IV - VIII.

Merry Go Learn will help students to - 

  • Build solid math and science concepts in classes designed by IITians
  • Develop their analytical and problem solving abilities in a fun filled environment
  • Gain hands on understanding by building projects and solving puzzles - all within class hours
  • Improve their interpersonal and communication skills by working in groups to create and present solutions

Our Methodology

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Merry Go Learn offers a comprehensive school-plus program that will equip students with the right tools for success. Our program runs all through the year and focuses on 4 pillars for future success.


  • Strong maths and science concepts : We cover the most difficult maths and  science concepts in the curriculum through carefully designed modules that provide learning by doing experiments and designing projects, along with related problem solving

  • Knowledge: Students discover their interest in world around them through interesting modules covering topics from history, geography and current affairs.

  • Communication skills: Students get opportunities to build and refine their  verbal and written English communication skills through several presentations, discussions and creative writing projects.

  • Self awareness: This module helps the child discover his/her personality, talent and skills and build values such as being social, civic and responsible citizens.

The teaching method at Merry Go Learn has been built on the basis of extensive research conducted by top tier institutions like Harvard and Stanford.

Discussion, Practice doing and Teaching Others are the most important components of our teaching methodology leading to the best retention rates.

Our Team

We have a highly qualified team passionate about re-defining education led by our founder, Komal Arora. All our team members are graduates from premier universities with a deep interest in education


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Komal Arora

Komal is a graduate from IIT Delhi and IIM Calcutta. She worked as a management consultant with McKinsey & Co. in the areas of strategy, business processes and operations. 

Komal is passionate about creating a difference in education and enabling students to achieve long term success.

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Mayuri Agarwal

Mayuri is a post-graduate in mathematics from Delhi University, with significant experience in the teaching and education space. She keenly enjoys designing fun educational activities and interacting with students.

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Harsha K

Harsha is a part-time physics and math teacher and has been with Merry Go Learn since its inception. He is also involved in the business development and operations of the venture. He enjoys working with young children and takes an active interest in the education space.

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Bhargavi Raman

A graduate of National Law School of India University, Bhargavi has always been involved in the education space. She has taught at Parikrma and other tutoring programs, and served as the Campus Ambassador for Teach for India for two years. She is actively involved in content creation and business development at MGL, and intends to pursue her interest in education policy in the future.